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When Bergey's hired us to create an exciting branding video showcasing their offering, team, and mission, we were more than a little bit excited. We incorporated aerial footage to give the video a larger than life feel - a big brand means big visuals. Believe it or not, we captured all of the footage for this multi-location video in one day thanks to fantastic producing and pre-production communication between our team and theirs. 


It is no secret that we work out of Startup Harrisburg, the first space of its kind in the city. We love it here, and for that reason, we jumped at the opportunity to create a branding video for Startup. This video, containing cuts as short as 12 frames (or half of a second), is fast paced (just like the life of an entrepreneur) and showcases the type of productivity and lifestyle one can expect while building a business or excelling in a career in Midtown Harrisburg. 


There may be no higher compliment to extend to a university than the glowing review of one of it's students. Partnering with Messiah College to create this cinematic, informative, and emotional piece about the college experience was truly a pleasure. This video is one of three in a series, and focuses on the theme of Sharpening Intellect. 


This video utilizes some more traditional elements (ie. Voice Over, static tripod angles) mixed with compelling on-trend shots (slider, aerial, speed-ramping). There is just something about the raw materials it takes to create these spindles. Any time we have the opportunity to capture footage in a production facility like this one, we jump at it!


We enjoy creating videos that are fairly straight forward (an owner narrating a process, a description of a service, etc), but we also love creating more abstract branding pieces. The tagline for this video is, "The most successful athletes have coaches. Why would you not have a coach to guide you through the difficult process of managing your own money?" 


When it comes to assisted living, a family wants to know that their loved one will be in the best of hands. Short of an in person sales meeting, a video is one of the best ways to convey that message and instill that confidence quickly. On the flip side, a poorly done video can make even the most impressive facility look less dependable. Send the right message with a high-production value piece that lets customers know what you truly have to offer. 


We got our start in wedding video, which is an extremely intense "you've got one shot to get this right," way to learn how to capture an event! For this reason, we love capturing events, whether a couple of hours or an entire weekend. The key to a successful event recap is the speed with which you can get the video online afterward.  For this reason, we offer rush turnarounds on recaps, with a final delivery as early as overnight. 


Do you need a way to quickly convey just what it is your organization does? Arguably, a video, when scripted properly, is the quickest way to accomplish that goal. We were thrilled to work with Preservation PA in the execution of this piece, which utilized some very cool archive footage, including aerial, mixed with drone footage from today.

Documentary Work

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